NordVPN Pricing Guide

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Privacy is the main concern for online users, and thanks to the existence of VPN providers, you no longer have to worry about your online privacy and security.

VPN services make your online browsing more private and secure from both private and public networks. 

One such VPN provider is NordVPN, which is popular and the favourite of most users across the world.

In this post, I am going to give you a detailed and informative guide about the NordVPN Pricing and Plans.

I will also walk you through its top features, how you can get NordVPN for the lowest price, available deals and discounts, and FAQs.

So, let’s start and protect your online privacy by exploring our simple NordVPN Pricing Guides here.

Key Points to Remember

  • NordVPN does not have a free plan but offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • NordVPN’s pricing for long-term subscriptions is always lower and more cost-effective.
  • NordVPN protects your passwords and files, keeping you protected from cyberattacks.
  • NordVPN Student Discount provides an additional 15% discount for students under the age of 26. 

NordVPN Pricing Plans

NordVPN Pricing - May 2024

The price for NordVPN is straightforward and includes three subscription levels, Complete, Plus, and Basic.

NordVPN Plans are:

  • Basic
  • Plus, and
  • Complete

NordVPN offers three subscriptions period, and all the three plans are available to choose.

NordVPN’s Standard Plan costs $537.03 $134.73 for the first two years, and $4.99 per month, billed every month. Check Complete Plan now!

NordVPN’s Plus Plan costs $375.03 $107.73 for the first two years, and $3.99 per month, billed every month. Check Plus Plan now!

NordVPN’s Basicd Plan costs $223.83 $83.43 for the first two years, and $3.09 per month, billed every month. Check Standard Plan now!

After discount on 2-years subscription, the original price can be reduced almost half or more than half of the above price, which you can check the discount through this link.

On the monthly plans, there is usually no discount for new users. For maximum savings, it is always better to go with the 1- or 2-year plan.

NordVPN Free Trial: Do They Have Any?

NordVPN provides a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee for new users instead of a free trial.

This 30-day money-back guarantee lets you make sure that NordVPN can be tried without taking any risk.

You can use and cancel NordVPN subscription with no limits at any time within the 30-days of signing up.

Due to its feature-rich services and support, you are unlikely to be disappointed after purchasing a NordVPN subscription. 

So, NordVPN does not offer a free trial, but their 30-day money-back guarantee is much better option for new users.

NordVPN Payment Options

NordVPN has users across the world, so for the users’ convenience, they have multiple payment options available to choose from.

Some of the payment options are:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Google Pay
  • Zcash
  • UnionPay
  • AmazonPay
  • GrabPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum

NordVPN Discounts and Deals

The VPN industry is highly competitive, and there are many more VPN providers available to improve your online privacy and surfing experience. 

To beat its top competitors and meet users’ expectations, NordVPN always comes with discounts on its pricing plans.

They offer huge discounts for new users on popular shopping occasions such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Christmas Sale, Winter, Independence Day and so on. 

The most updated and recent discounts and offers on NordVPN are always available on the official NordVPN website, and their offers keep changing every month.

One thing to keep in mind is that NordVPN discounts are always active on longer-term plans such as the 2-year plan, 1-year plan, and so on, as well as some additional free uses such as usually 3-months free on 2-year plans. 

NordVPN Student Discount

Besides the discounts on long-term subscriptions and regular offers, NordVPN has some special offers for students. For students, they provide an additional 15% off on 2-year subscriptions.

NordVPN Christmas Sale

Enhance your family’s security and privacy by grabbing the NordVPN Christmas deal.

It is now 63% off + 3 months free (for a limited time) with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Why Should You Choose NordVPN?

There are several reasons, but here I am sharing the top three reasons to choose NordVPN for your daily use.

Stay Safe Online

VPNs help you stay safe online from malicious ads, cyberattacks, malware, and other various online threats.

It protects your devices and allows you to surf safely online. It can block malicious sites, access online banking securely, and make you safe on public Wi-fi.

Access to Country-specific Content

Access to foreign content is the other most important use of a VPN. Some contents are limited to a specific country and can’t be available outside of that country. In this way, you can miss out on your favourite content (webseries, movies, websites, etc.).

But with the use of a VPN, you can access the country-specific content from anywhere. It allows you to stream your favourite content while travelling and can bypass internet censorship.

Protect Privacy and Keep Your Data Private

Last but not least, your privacy should be the most important thing. Generally, your device’s IP address, user location, browsing history, and many more are accessible to cybercriminals and advertisers.

NordVPN easily allows you to block web trackers, keep your data private, and help protect your online identity.

FAQs on NordVPN Pricing Guide

Can you buy NordVPN from retail stores?

Yes, NordVPN is available online as well as in retail stores. But the only difference you will find is that physical NordVPN pricing may be higher as compared to the price of NordVPN on its official website.

Can I try NordVPN for Free?

No, NordVPN is a premium VPN tool, and it does not have a free plan or trial. However, its 30-day money-back guarantee makes it risk-free to try.

Does NordVPN offer monthly plan?

Yes, NordVPN offers monthly, yearly, and two-year plans. But as per my recommendations, a longer plan is suitable for you to save money. A monthly plan can be a little bit expensive.

Can I cancel my NordVPN subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your NordVPN subscription at anytime. You can find the option to cancel your subscription within your dashboard under the billing section.

Is NordVPN risk-free?

Yes, NordVPN is a completely risk-free VPN provider, as it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can get your full refund if you choose to cancel your subscription within 30 days of signing up.

Summary: NordVPN Pricing Guide and Offers

NordVPN is the most popular VPN service among users for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re an individual or a business owner, NordVPN fits into any segment for its good services as well as budget-friendly pricing.

Personally, the best thing I like about NordVPN’s pricing is that the longer the plan you take, the lower the cost will be.

And as a leading VPN provider, it does not share users’ data with any third-party agencies or government agencies, which makes sure that you are always safe and secure, and your online privacy is their topmost concern.

NordVPN has been trusted by top tech experts from Business Insider, Yahoo Tech, PCMag, CNet and many more.

So, why think too much? Get NordVPN today and start protecting your privacy with just a click. Still not convinced with our pricing guide. Just get a lower-term plan for testing and later upgrade for a longer-term commitment.

This NordVPN pricing guide should have given you a better understanding of their pricing and plans. If so, give it a share on your social media networks.

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