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iDrive, the most popular cloud backup or online backup service, has a long list of pricing and plans, which you can’t properly decide on before making a purchase.

It is my all-time favourite online backup tool, which makes the backup tasks easier and smoother. When it comes to backing up my devices, IDrive is always my first choice over other providers. 

As a top online backup provider, it has millions of users worldwide, and new customers are getting confused with the lengthy list of pricing options.

To avoid your confusion and help you make the right selection of plans, I am going to break down all the plans one by one in this article.

So, if you have decided to subscribe to this online cloud backup provider, then read this guide and get some exclusive offers and discounts with our unique links and coupon code.

Key Points Related to IDrive Pricing

Before going into details of IDrive pricing and plans, let’s have a quick summary or take a look at some major points about iDrive.

  • IDrive has both free and premium plans. The Premium plans have four groups, namely, Mini, Personal, Team, and Business. Each group has a different number of users, number of computers, and pricing.
  • IDrive discounts are applicable for the first year only, and you can save up to 50%. (Save 90% OFF on 5TB of Cloud Backup for the 1st year with this special link.)
  • IDrive is not just a cloud backup solution provider; they have also introduced E2, which is an IaaS that helps you meet all your cloud storage needs.

That’s the important point I have mentioned above. If you’re curious to get some discounts on the iDrive online backup plan, then read this IDrive deal page and claim your discounts.

IDrive Pricing and Plans Guide

iDrive Pricing

Due to a long list of IDrive plans, they have categorized into four premium groups.

  • IDrive Mini
  • IDrive Personal
  • IDrive Team, and
  • IDrive Business.

And each group offers different cloud spaces, number of users and number of computers.

Apart from the above groups, they have a new IaaS for cloud storage, which is discussed below in this page.

So, let’s explore all the IDrive groups one by one and see how much they cost.

IDrive Mini Pricing

IDrive Mini is the starter premium plan from IDrive, and it gives you access to all of IDrive’s online backup features. Along with that, it allows you to backup:

  • Unlimited Computers
  • One User

IDrive Mini group has two storage plans depending on the cloud space, and these are:

  • 100 GB, which costs $2.95 first year.
  • 500 GB, which costs $9.95 first year.
Mini 100 GB$2.95/year Get This Plan
Mini 500 GB$9.95/year Get This Plan

IDrive also gives you the option to try out 10 GB of free plans without providing any credit card details. So, claim your 10 GB Basic Plan before upgrading to the premium plans.

IDrive Personal Pricing

IDrive Personal Plans comes with all the online backup features, and additionally it also comes with IDrive Express (free backup once a year).

It allows you to take backup on:

  • Unlimited devices.
  • For one user only.

IDrive Personal has three plans, and these are given below:

  • 5 TB for multiple computers, which costs $99.50 per year ($69.65 first year) and $199.00 per year ($149.25 for two years). Check the official pricing here.
  • 10 TB for multiple computers, which costs $149.50 per year ($104.65 first year) and $299.00 per year ($224.25 for two years). Check the official pricing here.
  • 20 TB for multiple computers, which costs $249.50 per year ($174.65 first year) and $499.00 per year ($374.25 for two years). Check the official pricing here.
  • 50 TB for multiple computers, which costs $499.50 per year ($349.65 first year) and $999.00 per year ($479.25 for two years). Check the updated pricing here.
  • 100 TB for multiple computers, which costs $999.50 per year ($699.65 first year) and $1999.00 per year ($1499.25 for two years). Check the updated pricing here.
Personal 5 TB $99.50/year ($69.65 first year)$199.00/year ($149.25 for 2 years)Get This Plan
Personal 10 TB $149.50/year ($104.65 first year)$299.00/year ($224.25 for 2 years)Get This Plan
Personal 20 TB $249.50/year ($174.65 first year)$499.00/year ($374.25 for 2 years)Get This Plan
Personal 50 TB$499.50/year ($349.65 first year)$999.00/year ($749.25 for 2 years)Get This Plan
Personal 100 TB$999.50/year ($699.65 first year)$1999.00/year ($1499.25 for 2 years)Get This Plan

IDrive Team Pricing

IDrive Team plan is suitable for businesses those who are just starting out and needs backup provider for few users only (up to 5 users and 5 computers).

It includes all the cloud backup features and additionally it has Users/Groups, Single Sign-on, and Business compliance (HIPPA, SOX, etc.) options.

With each plan under IDrive Team, they give access to 1 computer and 1 user per TB of cloud space.

That means, on the 5 TB plan, you will get 5 computers and 5 users only. Similarly, on the 10 TB plan, you get 10 computers and 10 users only.

Team PlansFeatures1st Year Pricing
Team 5 TB5 computers & 5 Users$99.50/year ($69.65 1st year)
Team 10 TB 10 computers & 10 Users$199.50/year ($139.65 1st year)
Team 25 TB25 computers & 25 Users$499.50/year ($349.65 1st year)
Team 30 TB30 computers & 30 Users$599.50/year ($419.65 1st year)
Team 35 TB35 computers & 35 Users$699.50/year ($489.65 1st year)
Team 40 TB40 computers & 40 Users$799.50/year ($559.65 1st year)
Team 45 TB45 computers & 45 Users$899.50/year ($629.65 1st year)
Team 50 TB50 computers & 50 Users$999.50/year ($699.65 1st year)
Team 100 TB100 computers & 100 Users$1999.50/year ($1399.65 1st year)
Team 200 TB200 computers & 200 Users$3999.50/year ($2799.65 1st year)
Team 300 TB300 computers & 300 Users$5999.50/year ($4199.65 1st year)
Team 400 TB400 computers & 400 Users$7999.50/year ($5599.65 1st year)
Team 500 TB500 computers & 500 Users$9999.50/year ($6999.65 1st year)

IDrive Business Pricing

IDrive business plans are tailored to businesses and are nearly identical to the IDrive team plan. 

The only difference is that they allow you to use for unlimited users, computers, servers, SQL, exchanges, and NAS devices.

For most of the plans under this group, they also have monthly plans, i.e., you can pay on a monthly basis.

For a more detailed list of pricing for each plan, please click here to see the updated pricing.

IDrive Pricing After First Year

IDrive has some special discounts on the first or second year of billing. After checking and comparing the discounts for the 1st and 2nd years, I did not find any differences.

They have an evergreen discount of 25% off on personal, team, and business plans for either the first or second year.

It is always a wise decision to grab the 2-year billing plans, as you get 25% off the overall original cost for 2 years.

If you only get a one-year plan at a discount, you will not be eligible for any further discounts after that. 

So, there are always more savings on 2-year plans than on 1-year plans. But that’s not always the case; with some special offers, you may also get 90% off on 5 TB of cloud backup for the first year.

IDrive e2 Pricing Details

IDrive e2 Pricing

IDrive e2 is fast and S3-compatible object storage that charges as little as $0.004 per GB per month.

Your first 10GB of storage with IDrive e2 is free, and there are no additional fees for using it. 

You can go for per GB charges if you’re not sure about the space requirements, but if you know your requirements, then it is wise to go for IDrive e2 plans that offer cloud storage in a round figure and give you two months free on annual billing.

IDrive e2 Features

IDrive offers following features:

  • Edge locations
  • Ransomware protection
  • Object lock
  • Bucket versioning
  • Security and Privacy
  • Centralized access
  • Migrate to IDrive e2

Most popular and well-known S3-compatible clients, such as Microsoft 365, UpdraftPlus, Cloudflare, CyberDuck, etc., can be used with IDrive e2.

Save 90% OFF IDrive e2 for 1TB if you pay annually. Instead of paying $40.00/year for 1 TB, pay only $4.00 for the first year.

IDrive Discount and Offers – (For 1st or 2-Years)

IDrive, a cloud backup provider, has always had some discounts for new customers, and these offers, and discounts are on the first year and two-year billing.

If you are going to subscribe to IDrive for the first time for a year or two years, then this discount is for you.

The original cost of the IDrive plans is not too costly, but these discounts can help you save some extra bucks. The offers may range from 25% to 90% for a few plans.

Check out the updated and discounted IDrive’s price for the first and second years by using this exclusive link, which automatically reduced the price without the use of any coupon codes.

IDrive Pricing India – For Indian Users

IDrive Pricing India - For Indian Users only

If you’re based in India, then IDrive has great news for you. You can get 90% off for the first year on the 1 TB of cloud backup.

This special deal is specially dedicated to Indian users only, and you can claim this deal using this link.

  • 1 TB of Cloud Backup
  • Save 90% OFF
  • Just pay $1.95 or ₹150.00 for the first year.

FAQs – IDrive Pricing and Plans Guide

Does IDrive have monthly payment options?

There are no monthly payment options on IDrive’s Mini, Personal, or Team plans; however, they have monthly payment options for a few plans on their Business Plans.

Can I try IDrive for Free?

Yes, before upgrading to the premium plan, you can try out the free basic plan, which offers 10 GB of free cloud backup without providing your Credit card details.

Final Conclusion on IDrive Pricing

So, you read all about the IDrive pricing and plans in detail here, and you must now be able to pick the right plan for your needs.

With just one IDrive account, you can back up all your devices, including your PC, mobile devices, laptops, etc.

For most of my readers, a 5 TB cloud backup plan is enough to store your copies on the cloud, which is now available at 90% off for the first year. It is the best and most popular plan among the users.

IDrive has been in this cloud backup industry for a long time, so they knew well the users’ requirements and accordingly included all the syncing and features.

Now, IDrive has both backup and storage solutions, so why look further if you’re getting them all on the same platform?

Get an IDrive account today and start backing up your devices to one of the safest places on the internet.

I hope you enjoyed this detailed and informative post on IDrive pricing guides; if it was helpful, please share it and share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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