iDrive Cloud Backup Deal

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The iDrive Cloud Backup Deal brings a spectacular discount on online cloud backup for the first year.

Whether you want to back up your PC, iPhone, tablet, or Android phone, iDrive online cloud backup covers all devices.

With just a little investment, you can save your costly personal data from getting damaged or corrupted if anything worse happens unexpectedly.

With our limited time iDrive online cloud backup deal, you are going to save 90% OFF for the first year which means just pay $7.95 for 5 TB.

iDrive has always been the first choice for online cloud backup on all devices. One iDrive account can backups all your devices; that’s an incredible platform to do that.

Hard drives or physical drives are not reliable for the long term, so it’s time to switch to a cloud storage or online cloud backup platform for better data security.

Get 5TB of iDrive Cloud Backup for $7.95

iDrive 5TB cloud Backup at $7.95 only

iDrive Cloud Backup is now available at the cheapest ever discount, which is ready to be availed at just $7.95 for 5 TB, which is 90% off the original cost.

I consider iDrive to be the top cloud backup provider used for backing up personal as well as business data. It is not just limited to a backup provider; it is also the best cloud storage in the market.

Save 90% now to get a single account that can backup all your devices and get the premium benefits of iDrive features. Even Linux servers and Network drives are included.

Here are the iDrive Cloud Backup deal details:

  • Cloud Backup Provider: iDrive
  • Cloud Storage Size: 5TB
  • Discount: 90% OFF
  • Price: $7.95
  • Coupon Code: Not required
  • How to Activate Deal: Click here and get 90% OFF

Get this exclusive discount deal and backup all your devices to a single account for just $7.95.

Top Features Included with iDrive Cloud Backup

iDrive is a great tool for the cloud backup of devices. It has various advanced features that make your backup task easy and comfortable. A few of them are:

  • Multiple Device Backup
  • Real-time Syncing
  • Versioning and Snapshots
  • Web-based Console
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Activity and Backup Report
  • True Archiving

Some FAQs about iDrive Cloud Backup Deal

What are the uses of iDrive?

iDrive is mostly used as an online backup platform for all your devices, whether it is a PC, mobile device, server, tablet, Mac, etc. It can be used as cloud storage for your personal files in addition to online backup. 

How much does iDrive cloud backup cost?

iDrive usually costs $79.50 per year for 5TB, but our special link can help you get it for just $7.95 for the first year, which is approximately 90% off.

Which is better iDrive or Google Drive?

Both iDrive and Google Drive are used for different purposes. iDrive is suitable for online backup, while the other is perfect for storing data and collaborating with others.

Can I backup all my devices with one iDrive account?

Yes, that’s the advantage of using iDrive. You can do multi-device backups with just a single account. It supports all devices, so go worry-free.

Final Thoughts on iDrive Cloud Backup Deals

iDrive Cloud Backup deals are always available on the official website, but this special deal on 5TB is limited time and can’t be the same on regular days.

This is not as expensive as you might be thinking; a 90% discount on 5 TB of cloud backup is what you need today to save for a year.

As my most favourite online cloud backup service, I recommend iDrive to all my readers to keep their backups in the safest place possible. Many other similar tools are available, such as Backblaze and Carbonite, but iDrive is my top priority.

So, don’t spend your time on another backup tool. Use our special link to get an instant 90% discount on iDrive now and pay only $7.95. 

Have you ever used this tool before? Let me know your experience via the comment section below.

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