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Are you tired of monthly or yearly cloud storage subscriptions? Icedrive Lifetime Deal brings you the best ever and a new cloud subscription for your life that can replace traditional subscriptions. 

You’ve probably never heard of lifetime plans from cloud providers, but the good news is that Icedrive has one that meets your requirements. 

Yes, from now on, you can get rid of the monthly or yearly cloud storage subscriptions. This isn’t the most important news you’ve heard recently. Probably, yes!

That’s not only the news I shared with you, but on top of that, you can also get huge discounts and deals on Icedrive’s lifetime plans.

In this article, I am going to share about the Icedrive lifetime plans, deals, and offerings that can help you switch from the subscription-based plans to the lifetime plans.

So, let’s quickly get into that.

What’s New in Icedrive Lifetime Deal?

As of now, only two cloud providers are included in the race for lifetime plans: Icedrive and pCloud.

Even the big brands are not in this race, and both of the above brands are taking advantage of gaining more users with a little marketing effort.

Things may change in the upcoming days; I am not sure about that. But based on user demand, many new cloud providers may join the list, giving customers a wide variety of options to consider.

So, what’s new in this new lifetime plan? Let’s have a look here.

Icedrive Lifetime Plans allow users to try out a new feature called Crypto, which is client-side encryption. This is the new thing, which is not available for free on the rest of the cloud providers.

And the second thing you are going to love is the introduction of a massive 10 TB of cloud storage for larger space requirements, which was rolled out recently to compete with pCloud. Just for your kind information, there is no 10 TB of storage on the normal subscription.

Icedrive Lifetime Deals Promo

Comparatively, Icedrive’s lifetime deals are more impressive than those of the existing lifetime cloud providers. That is an advantage for Icedrive in attracting users’ attention. 

Here are the Icedrive Lifetime Deals Promo:

Lifetime Cloud ProviderIcedrive
Type of SubscriptionLifetime
Client-side encryptionYes
Is there a 10TB Storage?Yes
Maximum Discounts and SavingsUp to 50% OFF
Icedrive Lifetime Promo PageClick Here

Icedrive Lifetime Deal Vs Regular Pricing

In this section, I am going to compare the Icedrive Lifetime Pricing with discount and without discount.

Any lifetime plan, either through pCloud or Icedrive, is expensive as it is a one-time investment. So, before taking it, you must have a lot of thoughts on your mind because this is not a small amount. especially if you are looking for 3 TB or 10 TB of cloud storage.

On the other hand, a monthly subscription is much cheaper, and anyone can get it without any hesitation, but in the long run, it might cost you a lot more than the lifetime plans.

Icedrive Lifetime Plans – Regular Pricing

Lifetime PlansRegular PricingCloud Storage
LIFE 500$598512 GB
LIFE 2K$9582 TB
LIFE 10K$239810 TB

Icedrive Lifetime Plans – Discounted Pricing

Lifetime PlansDiscounted PricingCloud StorageLinks
LIFE 500$299512 GBGet Discount
LIFE 2K$4792 TBGet Discount
LIFE 10K$119910 TBGet Discount

After looking at the above tables, you may conclude that the discounted Icedrive lifetime plans, and pricing are more affordable and the cheapest. There is a flat 50% off on all of the cloud storage plans i.e. Lifetime plans.  

Icedrive Lifetime Plan May 2024

Key Takeaways – Icedrive Lifetime Regular Vs Discounted Price

How to Get the IceDrive Lifetime Offer

Icedrive’s intuitive and user-friendly interface make this task easy, and anyone can avail of this offer with a few clicks.

Just follow the steps below to get instant savings on any lifetime plan:

Step 1: Click this link to visit the Icedrive Lifetime Pricing page.

Step 2: Click on Sign Up button.

Step 3: Fill the required user details and create the account.

Step 4: Pay the required amount by selecting a payment method.

Now, you saved huge on the Icedrive Lifetime plan with our unique Deals!

Features of the Icedrive Lifetime Plan

Icedrive is a feature-rich cloud storage provider; from offering client-side encryption to highly secure two-fish algorithms, it has all the things needed.

A few of the noteworthy Icedrive Lifetime features include:

  • Share Timeout
  • Generous Bandwidth
  • Password Protection
  • Huge Cloud Storage
  • Zero-knowledge encryption
  • Two-fish Security algorithm
  • Upgraded features

Note: If you don’t have the funds to purchase a lifetime plan, you can use the Icedrive 10 GB of free cloud storage to store your personal files and folders. This is free, so try it today.

Icedrive Lifetime Deals and Discounts – FAQs

Is the Icedrive Lifetime Plan available to users?

Yes, any new user or existing user can get the lifetime plan offered by Icedrive for personal and business use.

Is Client-side encryption free?

Yes, with all of Icedrive’s lifetime plans, client-side encryption is included free of charge. It keeps your file encrypted before it gets stored on the cloud.

Is a promo code required for discounts on the Icedrive lifetime plan?

Not at all; our special link does not need any coupon code to be manually entered. It is automatically and programmatically applied at the checkout.

Over to You – Icedrive Lifetime Deals

Icedrive runs lifetime deals on all its plans throughout the years, with discounts ranging from 33% to up to 50% off on some plans.

Few occasions, like Black Friday, the Cyber Weekend sale, etc., have more discounts than the regular days. However, if you can’t wait for these occasions, then our special discount link can help you get more discounts.

Cloud storage is now needed by everyone to keep data and files for quicker access from anywhere. So, why are you postponing this precious thing?

Add this cloud storage service today to your list, grab the best discounts through this link, and start storing your memories, family images, documents, work files, and much more from your device.

I believe this Icedrive lifetime deal page helped you get the best lifetime cloud storage plan and saved your money. If yes, feel free to share it and spread the word. Sharing is caring!

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