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Since a decade, the cloud services industry has grown, and people are migrating to the most secure platform for storing personal and business data. 

The world’s top cloud storage providers, including Google Drive, OneDrive, etc., follow the traditional revenue model, or, we can say, a subscription-based revenue model.

A subscription-based model is the best revenue model for the cloud providers, as they are getting a regular fee either monthly or yearly from the users, and it might seem affordable to users by looking at their lower monthly charges.

But, in the long run, it might cost you a lot that you couldn’t expect or guess because the subscription charges may change after a few months, or they may increase the cost for any additional features. At one-point of time, it is good for the company to run and sustain.

At the same time, as a user, I would always prefer to save money in the long run, as cloud storage is nowadays a primary need. Whether you use your smart phone or desktop, you may need cloud storage to export or save your files, photos, videos, audio, etc. in a safe place.

And, with the implementation of a new pricing model (i.e., a one-time subscription fee), it may entitle you to lifetime cloud storage.

pCloud, a well-known and reputable cloud provider, was the first in the industry to successfully implement the lifetime model. 

In this article, I am going to cover the best lifetime deals and discounts offered by this provider. So, read this to find out and explore.

pCloud Lifetime Deal – Overview

Before going through the pCloud Lifetime deal, I just like to tell you that Lifetime plans means you pay a one-time subscription fee to enjoy the services for the whole life.

Here is the pCloud Lifetime Deal’s overview:

Product NamepCloud Storage
Subscription TypeLifetime (One-time Payment)
Storage Space500 GB, 2 TB and 10 TB
Free TrialYes
Top Features– Client-side Encryption
– Zero-Knowledge Privacy
– File Preview
– Built-in Video and Audio Player
PricingFrom $199 USD to $1190 USD
Official DetailsCheck pCloud Lifetime Deal

pCloud’s Lifetime Plans and Pricing: A Closer Look

Let’s have a look at pCloud’s lifetime pricing and plans so that you can easily know whether you are getting what you are paying for.

There were only two lifetime plans available by the end of 2021: 500 GB and 2 TB, but a new brand plan of 10 TB has been introduced now. 

pCloud Lifetime Plans May 2024

The Premium 500 GB Lifetime Plan is the basic lifetime plan that allows users to store files up to 500 GB. It comes with 500 GB of shared link traffic, which is usually generated when people download or stream content from your shared link.

The Premium Plus 2 TB Lifetime Plan allows you to keep files up to 2 TB in size. The share link traffic size this plan offers is the same as the cloud space this plan has.

The Custom Plan 10 TB Lifetime is a brand-new lifetime plan that was introduced in early 2022 and allows users to store data up to 10 TB of cloud space. This is the most storage space and, yes, massive cloud storage you will receive. The only limitation with this plan is that shared link traffic is capped at 2 TB.

Depending on your personal and business requirements, you may go with a suitable plan. Each plan shares common features, so the only difference I find is the space size.

pCloud’s Unique Features and Capabilities

The best and most unique features pCloud lifetime plans come with are:

Rewind Account

This is a new feature that is probably not available with other top providers. This feature is highly important for anyone who frequently modifies or edits. Or, if anything wrong happens with your stored files, the Rewind feature can save you.

Rewind account allows you to restore an older version of your account from up to 30 days ago. So, you don’t have any fear of losing your important files that may have been accidentally corrupted or damaged due to a virus or some other attack.

Privacy and Security Protection

You must be free of any privacy and security concerns after storing your data on the pCloud. Because it is based in Switzerland and adheres to Swiss law, it places a high value on security and privacy. 

It uses highly secure TSL and SSL channel protection as well as 256-bit AES encryption for all your files in the cloud. Furthermore, it always keeps at least five copies of your data in various locations. The most important thing is that they never disclose user’s details to any government or authorities.

Numerous Platforms

At present, users from various parts of the world are not limited to a single OS or single device. That’s why pCloud has built-in apps for numerous platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and various extensions for browsers.

So, using pCloud on a device is not a concern for anyone. Irrespective of what platform or device you use, pCloud has you covered. The official pCloud apps are available in the app store, and you can download them at any time.

Built-in Media Players

No more downloading of media files is required in order to watch or listen to your video or audio files. You can directly play and watch video files on your pCloud account and listen to your stored music and audio using their built-in video and audio players.

And this is limitless; you can stream any file size and even create your own playlists similar to music or song apps, which you can listen to at any time. 

No File Size Limit

Another feature I like on pCloud is the easy file request feature from your colleagues. You can request a file without sharing your login details, and the requested file takes up space in the owner’s account.

And the file request has no limitation on the file size. Unlike Dropbox, which is capped at 2 GB, pCloud has gotten rid of these limitations and allows you to upload or request files of any size.

pCloud Lifetime Offer

What are the active, ongoing offers on pCloud Lifetime Plans? I have summarised the best pCloud lifetime deals on their plans here:

FAQs on pCloud Lifetime Deals

Is there any size limit on the pCloud file request?

No, unlike other providers, pCloud is one step ahead and allows users to request or upload files of any size. There are no restrictions. 

Does pCloud really offer a lifetime plan?

Yes, pCloud offers secure and reliable lifetime plans to users. And this cloud provider is the first in the industry to offer such plans at reasonable prices. 

Is pCloud available on all platforms?

Yes, pCloud apps are available on all the major platforms, such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, etc. If not, then you can directly access pCloud using your default browser.

Does pCloud provide Zero-knowledge encryption?

Yes, pCloud offers a zero-knowledge encryption feature that is simple to enable and use without requiring you to be technically proficient in coding.

Can I avail discounts on pCloud lifetime plans?

Yes, pCloud lifetime plans are always available at affordable pricing, and the best discounts are always enabled by default, without any coupon or promo code needed. You can check out the deals on this page to save some more money.

Our Conclusion – pCloud Lifetime Deal

At the end, I would say that cloud storage is the new storage you must have for many reasons.

Paying monthly or yearly for their services is not at all worth it if you are planning to keep data for years and years.

The pCloud Lifetime Plan is the one you need right now to save money and keep your data for your whole life. With a small one-time investment, you can create your own cloud space on pCloud, eliminating the need to pay rent each month.

It’s not just the cloud storage; easy file sharing, access, and high security are more reasons to consider a lifetime plan.

So, keeping all the important features and benefits of lifetime storage in mind, our pCloud Lifetime Deal is for you and can get you a cloud space for a lifetime with extra savings!

Hopefully you won’t ignore this useful deal. Now, it’s all up to you. Feel free to let me know if you have any queries.

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