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Icedrive has been the more attractive lifetime cloud storage provider since its inception in the cloud industry and has grabbed users’ attention due to its cheapest pricing and lifetime plans.

Although pCloud is also leading the market, Icedrive’s cheapest pricing model per GB and free Crypto feature have made us want to try out this provider.

After trying out this cloud provider, all I can say is that Icedrive is the best alternative to pCloud and offers lifetime cloud storage plans with the best client-side encryption.

Hopefully you will also want to try this cloud provider; if so, then I am going to share some of the best deals and discounts on Icedrive premium plans available right now in the market so that you can get it at the best price.

Although you may also get 10 GB of free cloud storage for your files and folders and can keep your images, videos, etc., if you do not want to get their premium plans.

So, without getting into its details, let’s jump right into its best coupon code, discounts, and deals. And later, we will look into its features and FAQs.

Icedrive Coupon Code, Discount and Deals

As Icedrive is one of the leading cloud storage providers, they do offer some special discounts for new users.

Those offers are usually on their lifetime plans, but they can also be on their monthly or yearly plans. 

Icedrive Lifetime Plan May 2024

50% OFF Icedrive 512 GB Lifetime Plan – LIFE 500 (Lifetime)

At this time, Icedrive has a flat 50% discount on their 512 GB Lifetime plan, i.e., the Lite (Lifetime) plan.

The original 512 GB lifetime plan costs $598, which is a one-time fee, and now it is available for just $299 only.

This plan gives you access to 512 GB of secure cloud storage with client-side encryption, making it suitable for storing photos, videos, files, and more.

👉 Get 50% OFF on 512 GB Lifetime Plan!

50% OFF Icedrive 2 TB Lifetime Plan – LIFE 2K (Lifetime)

The Icedrive 2 TB Lifetime Plan, also known as LIFE 2K, is available for just $479 instead of its usual price of $958. This is approximately 50% discount of its original price.

It gives you 2 TB of cloud storage for storing all your files and folders easily, along with client-side encryption.

This plan is the most popular lifetime plan because of its massive 2 TB of cloud storage.

👉 Get 50% OFF on 2 TB Lifetime Plan!

50% OFF Icedrive 10 TB Lifetime Plan – LIFE 10K (Lifetime)

Icedrive’s 10TB Lifetime plan is the new addition to their lifetime plans, and it offers a massive cloud space of 10 TB.

Their 10TB Lifetime plan is available for $1199 instead of $2,398, which was the original price. This makes for an almost 50 percent discount off the actual price.

This plan is highly recommended for the users who want to store large amount of files and folders.

👉 Get 50% OFF on 10 TB Lifetime Plan!

Lifetime PlansOriginal PriceDiscount PriceDeal Link
LIFE 500 (512 GB)$598$299Get this deal!
LIFE 2K (2 TB)$958$479Get this deal!
LIFE 10K (10 TB)$2398$1199Get this deal!

Icedrive Deals on Monthly and Yearly Plans

As of now, there is no discount and offers on their monthly and yearly plans. For massive savings, it is good to go with the lifetime plans.

  • Icedrive Yearly Plans: The Lite Plan (100 GB) costs $47.88 per year, while Pro I (1 TB) costs $71.88, and Pro III (3 TB) costs $131.88 per year. Get Icedrive Yearly Plans!
  • Icedrive Monthly Plans: The Pro Plan (1 TB) costs $7.99 per month, while Pro III (3 TB) costs $14.99 per year. Get Icedrive Monthly Plans!

Get Icedrive’s 10 GB of Cloud Storage for Free

Icedrive’s new user can enjoy 10 GB of free cloud storage without proving any credit card details.

Many new customers think that it is a new provider, so they are worried about their security and services. So, for them, 10 GB of free cloud storage is best to try and experience the new and enhanced features.

Once you sign up with Icedrive, 10 GB of cloud space is automatically enabled, and you can start keeping your personal files and data.

This 10 GB of cloud storage is free forever and you can upgrade to their premium plans at any time.

FAQs on Icedrive Coupon Code & Discount

Here are some of the well-known and frequently asked questions on Icedrive Coupon Code:

Does Icedrive offer any coupon code?

Icedrive does not offer any unique coupon code or promo code, but you can get a discount of up to 50% off on their lifetime plans using this special link.

Does Icedrive offer client side encryption?

Yes, Icedrive provide client-side encryption on their premium plans without charging any additional fee. However, this feature is not available on the free plan i.e., 10 GB cloud storage.

How much discount can I get with Icedrive?

Icedrive’s discount on their lifetime plans is always up and running throughout the year, and you may claim 50% off on 512 GB of cloud storage and 50% off on 2 TB and 10 TB lifetime plans, respectively.

Conclusion: Icedrive Discount and Coupon Code

At this point of time, except for pCloud, Icedrive doesn’t have any other alternatives.

Because of its user-friendly interface, high security, client-side encryption, affordable pricing, and lifetime offerings, it has become popular.

Despite the affordable pricing and plans, if you are looking to save some more bucks on their premium plans, then the discounts listed on this page might be helpful for you.

As this is still a new provider in the industry, it is better to go with their free 10 GB cloud storage; it’s free! Try out IceDrive now and get 10 GB of cloud storage!

Icedrive discounts are always high on special occasions or festivals like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Jubilee Special, etc. And we will update our deals, discounts, and coupon codes accordingly.

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