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After the introduction of cloud storage, the use of physical storage devices such as hard disks, pen drives, etc. has decreased over time.

Cloud storage has been around for a few years, and it has undergone numerous improvements to make it more accessible to the general public. 

From a monthly-based subscription to offering lifetime subscriptions, they are no longer impossible. Icedrive and pCloud are the leading examples of such offerings.

In this post, I will elaborate and explain everything you need to know about Icedrive pricing before purchasing a premium plan. 

So, let’s get right into the Icedrive pricing details.

Icedrive Pricing Plans

Icedrive Pricing - Yearly

Icedrive offers three types of subscriptions for the users, and these are:

  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription, and
  • Lifetime Subscriptions (Just a one-time payment needed)

Each subscription has three plans: Lite, Pro, and Pro Plus. Lite Plan is the lowest cloud storage plan, whereas Pro Plus is the highest cloud storage plan.

For the Icedrive Lifetime Plans – They have LIFE 500, LIFE 2K and LIFE 10K plans. LIFE 500 comes with 512 GB of cloud storage for lifetime whereas LIFE 10K comes with 10TB of massive cloud storage.

Apart from the premium plans, Icedrive offers a generous 10 GB of cloud storage for free under the free plan for new users.

Once you upgrade from the free plan to the premium plan, you will get access to some of the advanced features, such as zero-knowledge encryption of your files and more.

Icedrive Monthly Plans

Icedrive Monthly Plans include Lite, Pro I and Pro III.

Pro I Plan gives you access to 1 TB of cloud storage with Client-side encryption features.

It charges just $7.99 per month. You can get started with this plan using this link.

Whereas Pro III gives 3TB of cloud storage for the price of $14.99 per month, with the crypto feature included.

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Icedrive Yearly Plans

Icedrive yearly plans have the same plans as monthly plans, but here all three plans are available to the users.

The LITE Plan provides 100 GB of cloud storage for around $47.88 per year ($3.99 per month) and includes client-side encryption. 

The PRO I Plan provides 1 TB of cloud storage for around $71.88 per year ($5.99 per month) and includes client-side encryption. 

Furthermore, the PRO III Plan provides 3 TB of cloud storage for $131.88 per year ($10.99/month) with all premium features. 

You can get this plan by signing up using this special link.

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Icedrive Lifetime Plans

This is the most popular plan or special type of subscription offered by Icedrive, and we can say that it is one of the few providers that has this type of plan.

The Icedrive Lifetime Plan, as its name suggests, charges a one-time upfront fee to give you access to all the Icedrive premium cloud storage features for the rest of your life.

They have three plans under this subscription: LIFE 500, LIFE 2K, and LIFE 10K.

  • LIFE 500 (LIFETIME): It includes 512 GB of cloud storage and client-side encryption at a cost of $299, which is a one-time payment only. The original cost is $598, but you can get it for $299 only.

  • LIFE 2K (LIFETIME): It includes 2 TB of cloud storage and client-side encryption at a cost of $479, which is a one-time payment only. The original price is $958, but it’s available at $479 for a limited time.

  • LIFE 10K (LIFETIME): It comes with 10 TB of massive cloud storage for a price of $1199 and includes client-side encryption. Its actual cost is $2398, but it is available at a discounted price of $1199 only.

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Icedrive Free Plan

Icedrive’s Free plan includes 10 GB of cloud storage that is free indefinitely, as well as 3 GB of daily bandwidth. 

But this plan does not come with client-side encryption, which means you can’t encrypt your files.

If you’re just looking for a test ride on cloud storage or want to store a few files that are less than 10 GB, then click here to claim this free plan.

Icedrive Incredible Features

Icedrive Incredible Features

Here are some of the Icedrives incredible features:

  • Client-side Encryption
  • Generous Bandwidth
  • Upgraded Features
  • Share Timeout
  • Password Protection
  • Massive Cloud Storage

Some FAQs on Icedrive Pricing

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Icedrive’s pricing:

Does Icedrive offer any free plans for new customers?

Yes, each new user can get 10GB of cloud storage for free on sign up. You can claim your 10GB free cloud storage using this special link.

Does Icedrive have lifetime cloud storage?

Other than monthly or yearly subscriptions, Icedrive does offer a lifetime plan by charging a one-time fee. Just pay one-time fee to avail cloud services for your whole life.

What is Icedrive’s monthly pricing?

Icedrive’s monthly pricing is $7.99 per month for 1 TB of cloud storage and $14.99 per month for 3 TB of cloud storage.

Which is better, Icedrive or pCloud?

Icedrive and pCloud are both well-known cloud storage providers in the market. They are excellent in terms of security and rich in features. pCloud is older than Icedrive and offers more features than Icedrive. But Icedrive has a simple and user-friendly interface.

Can Icedrive’s team access your files?

No, apart from you, no one can gain access to your files once you store them on their platform. Whether you use zero-knowledge encryption or not, your files are stored with the utmost security.

Final Conclusion: Icedrive Pricing and Plans

At the end, you’ll find that Icedrive’s pricing for monthly, yearly, and lifetime are attractive and budget-friendly for new customers.

As compared to its top alternative, i.e., pCloud, Icedrive comes at a lower price per GB with almost all the important features.

Its collaboration feature could be improved, but cloud storage is well worth the investment. 

On the other hand, its security is one of the best, highly effective, secure, and encrypted, which no one can access except you.

If you are still wondering about Icedrive cloud storage, you are free to try out its 10 GB of free cloud storage with all the basic features. And later, you can plan for the premium upgrade.

I hope this guide on Icedrive pricing helped you choose the perfect plan for your cloud storage needs; if so, please give it a share on your social media. Have safe cloud storage for your personal files!

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