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Icedrive is a newcomer to the market, but it is the most popular lifetime cloud storage provider. It is giving tough competition to its competitors, like pCloud.

Instead of going for subscription-based cloud storage plans, people are becoming more impressed with the lifetime plan that requires a single investment to keep using the services forever (whole life).

Rarely, cloud providers have lifetime subscriptions, a new business model to gain more users. Icedrive and pCloud top the list. Even the biggest and best brands in this industry are moving away from providing a lifetime plan for several reasons.

But does it really make any sense to go with a lifetime subscription-based cloud provider? In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of the Icedrive lifetime subscription-based plans. Whether it is really helpful for the users or just marketing hype.

So, are you ready to know the facts, advantages, and disadvantages of IceDrive lifetime subscription plans?

Let’s get into it right away.

What Is the Icedrive Lifetime Subscription? 

Before reading this article, it is important to know what exactly an Icedrive lifetime subscription is.

Icedrive Lifetime Subscription, also known as Icedrive Lifetime Plan, is a special cloud storage subscription that allows you to enjoy the benefits of cloud storage for the rest of your life for a one-time upfront fee. 

This is a new kind of subscription that has been in the industry for a few years but has been offered by only one or two cloud providers as of now.

Offering such types of plans is a good way to spread the news to the masses and gain popularity in a short span of time, and it is helpful for new cloud providers such as Icedrive.

Why Choose Icedrive Lifetime Subscription?

Icedrive Lifetime Features and Benefits

This is probably the first question that comes to mind when considering purchasing an Icedrive subscription. 

And there might be numerous reasons to answer this question in order to convince you. But here, I am going to give you a few genuine reasons.

Fewer Lifetime Storage Providers

When I searched the internet for lifetime cloud storage providers, I only got two numbers, and Icedrive was one of them. 

Users around the world have this limitation, so people prefer to go for either Icedrive or pCloud. Both have lifetime subscriptions.

So, that’s the first reason we have now. When you don’t have multiple alternatives, it is wise to go with the one that is available. And Icedrive is capitalizing on this advantage over the competition. 

Cheapest Cost Per Gigabyte

The second reason we have is that Icedrive is the cheapest cloud provider in the industry. Its cost per gigabyte is significantly lower than that of its main competitor, pCloud. 

For 10TB of cloud storage for a lifetime, it may cost you $1199 on Icedrive, while the same amount of storage costs $1190 with pCloud.

So, the pricing is much clearer to you, and you can decide which is cheaper by looking at their 10 TB lifetime plans.

Client-Side Encryption

The client-side encryption feature makes it much more unique and helps it stand apart from the rest of the provider.

Almost all the cloud providers have common features, but this feature is something different and is not offered by the others. If they have, but there are additional fees to obtain this. 

Icedrive users have an advantage in this regard because they can get this feature for free and with all plans. 

Access to Upgraded Features

Usually, whenever a new feature is incorporated or implemented, the subscription cost gets increased, and users have to pay for that.

And that’s where an Icedrive lifetime subscription can be the better choice for you, as you won’t get charged for any additional or upgraded feature they introduce throughout your life.

You can gain access to a plethora of new enhanced Icedrive features via mobile apps. What more can you expect if you’re going to pay a single-time fee?

Why is a Lifetime IceDrive Subscription Superior to a Standard Subscription? 

You now understand why you should choose IceDrive over the other providers for a lifetime subscription.

Let’s understand the benefits of a lifetime subscription over a regular or traditional subscription with two reasons. And for this, first we will have a look at mathematical explanation.

A Mathematical Explanation

If you’re a cost-saving guy, you should have a look at our mathematical explanation.

  • Cost of 150 GB cloud Storage per year is = $19.99 paid yearly
  • Cost of 150 GB cloud Storage for lifetime is = $99 paid once
  • Cost of 150 GB cloud Storage for lifetime is = 5 x $19.99 (approx.)
  • Cost of 150 GB cloud Storage for lifetime is = 5 x Cost of 150 GB per year
  • So, total cost of 150 GB lifetime plan is 5 times the cost of 150 GB storage per year.

That means, in five year you can match or reach to the total investment on lifetime plan.

After 5 years, you are going to save $19.99 per year for your whole life. So, mathematically, in terms of cost, an Icedrive lifetime subscription is highly cost-saving for you.

Massive 10TB Cloud Storage

At the time of writing this post, there is no 10 TB cloud storage plan available for monthly or yearly subscription on Icedrive.

Icedrive’s lifetime subscription includes a massive 10 TB of cloud storage, which is more than enough to store a large number of files and data, and no additional upgrades are likely needed in the future.

So, for massive cloud storage, an Icedrive 10TB lifetime plan is more valuable, which you can’t avail of on the regular subscription.

No Recurring Payments

The most important reason anyone can think about a lifetime subscription is to avoid recurring payments.

Those users who want to go with the lifetime plans are the ones who do not want to pay a fee each year or month, and they also do not prefer to pay additional charges for any new features.

Massive Savings

Icedrive does not offer any offers on the regular subscription, i.e., the yearly or monthly plan, whereas you can get huge discounts on any Icedrive’s lifetime plan.

As a result, the cool savings are only available on lifetime subscription plans. 

Icedrive Lifetime Plan May 2024

Summary: Is Icedrive Lifetime Subscription Worth It?

Icedrive is not as popular as pCloud or Google Drive, but its new lifetime plan is worth noticing, and some of its features are considerably more important.

The three things that impress me are client-side encryption, cheapest pricing and lifetime plans. Both things are missing from the top cloud brands.

Your data is in a highly secure place, as client-side encryption encrypts your files before they get uploaded to their servers, and no one can even try to decrypt them.

A user like me prefers to go with the cheapest and most affordable plans without sacrificing security features, and Icedrive is the best fit.

And lastly, with the affordable introduction of lifetime subscriptions, a majority of users are waiting for this type of plan in the cloud sector.

When all of the above factors are considered, an Icedrive Lifetime Subscription is well worth it in the long run. 

I hope this in-depth and well-written post on Icedrive Lifetime Subscription aided you in making your subscription decision. If so, give it a share. Thank you!

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