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Looking to collaborate and sync your business files with your colleagues? The most secure cloud storage platform, i.e., pCloud, is here to optimize and increase your workflow.

pCloud Business, or pCloud for Business, takes your cloud storage to the next level and gives all the flexibility your business needs to grow by providing the most secure and complete platform to store your data.

In this article, I am going to give you detailed information about pCloud for Business, including why your business needs this cloud storage to gain more control and flexibility, some of its key features, and its pricing and plans.

So, let’s get inside and explore in detail.

pCloud for Business Overview

pCloud for Business - Home Page
Storage per User2 TB
No. of users3+
pCloud EncryptionYes
File Versioning180 Days
Team and Access ControlYes
Secure File SharingYes
Free Trial30 Days
WebsiteClick here

What is pCloud Business?

pCloud is widely used as a secure cloud storage service by millions of users worldwide, providing a variety of options for collaborating, sharing, and storing personal files securely. 

pCloud Business or pCloud for Business also gives you the option to keep your business data on the cloud, but it has various additional features that may optimise your workflow and give you more flexibility and control over your files.

This is a complete, fully secure, cloud storage platform that you can use to store files, sync, and collaborate with your colleagues easily.

All your stored files are available at your fingertips, anywhere, letting you share your digital assets with your own branding.

Visit the official pCloud Business Page: https://www.pcloud.com/business.html

Pros and Cons of pCloud Business


  • Easy to use and control
  • Optimize your workflow
  • Activity monitoring
  • Top-notch security
  • Easy to configure
  • Many collaborations option
  • Comments to files and folders
  • Enhanced search option
  • 30-day Free Trial


  • Only two pricing options
  • Few privacies flaw

pCloud Business – Top Features

  • File Sharing
  • File Management
  • Unlimited file size
  • 180-days file versioning
  • Unbeatable security
  • Enhanced Search
  • Scalable System
  • Business Branding

pCloud for Business Pricing

pCloud Business’s pricing is straightforward and keeps everything simple. They have just a single business subscription plan for more than three users.

You can either go for a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. A yearly subscription is a bit cheaper than a monthly subscription and is available at a flat 20% off.

pCloud Business PlansPricingLink
Monthly Subscription$9.99 USD/User/MonthGet this plan
Yearly Subscription$7.99 USD/User/MonthGet this plan

In your business account subscription, 2 TB of cloud storage is available to each user.

To get a better idea of this cloud storage, you can try pCloud Business for free for 30 days

pCloud for Business plans cannot be subscribed to directly through its official website; you need to provide your business details and send them to the pCloud sales team. You can provide the details using this link.

pCloud Business Lifetime Plan

Unfortunately, pCloud Business does not have a lifetime plan. You can either subscribe to monthly or yearly plans.

But for individuals, they do have lifetime cloud storage, which just requires a one-time upfront fee to use their cloud for your whole life, or 99 years.

Get pCloud Lifetime Cloud Storage with up to 80% OFF nowClick here.

Final Thoughts on pCloud for Business

pCloud for Business is the best solution for all types of businesses where you, as the owner, need to control and increase the workflow.

With its top-notch encryption, business branding, enhanced search, and increased storage, it’s the perfect choice for your growing business.

Simply use this link to try pCloud Business for free for 30 days and experience the enhanced cloud storage that is designed for business use today. 

As it is trusted by top tech experts in the industry, it probably won’t disappoint you, and you would love for it to grow and scale your business.

I hope this article on pCloud for Business helped you understand this cloud storage better and helped you choose the best option for you. If so, give it a share on your social networks.

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