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Why pay every month or year to keep our old memories or data on the cloud? Everybody wants a solution to avoid the recurring payments, right? If you’re experiencing the same problem, this article is for you. 

Cloud storage has completely changed the way we store data today. Instead of worrying about the physical drive or devices, which may get corrupted or damaged, cloud storage provides better solutions.

Yes, nobody likes to carry physical drives to carry huge amounts of data or family memories and access them at new locations. There is only one solution for this, and that is cloud storage.

Cloud storage is a new technology that stores data in remote locations and allows you to access your personal files and data from anywhere and at any time. 

Unfortunately, that facility is not available for free; either it is a subscription-based service, or a one-time upfront fee is required.

The majority of the cloud providers in the market are completely subscription-based, i.e., either monthly or yearly charges need to be paid to use their cloud spaces.

On the other hand, only a few or a handful of cloud providers have the latter option, i.e., lifetime plans.

This article covers those cloud providers who have a lifetime plan for cloud storage. So, let’s get into that.

Best Lifetime Cloud Storage in 2022 – Our Picks

Our best and favourite lifetime cloud storage service providers in 2022 are:

  • pCloud, and
  • Icedrive.

Yes, there are only two cloud providers (pCloud and Icedrive) in the market that offer lifetime plans, and both are trusted, reliable, and reputed companies with millions of active users.

And the rest of the other providers do not have this plan, so we are not going to discuss it with them in this article.

Before going into details, I want to clear that pCloud is our top pick, while Icedrive is our second pick.

1. pCloud – (Overall, the Best Lifetime Cloud Storage)

pCloud Home

Top Highlights

  • Free Storage: 10 GB Free cloud storage on Sign up
  • Premium Storage: Up to 10TB on Lifetime, up to 2TB on Annual Subscription
  • Security Type: 256-bit AES, TLS/SSL Channel protection
  • Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Pricing Range: From $199 USD (500 GB) to $1190 USD (10 TB)
  • Website:

pCloud – Summary

pCloud is one of our top picks and is a trusted, reliable, secure, and user-friendly cloud storage provider. Based in Switzerland, it offers 10 GB of free cloud storage to every user upon signup.

It has three lifetime plans and offers a maximum of 10 TB of cloud space on the higher plan, while 500 GB is the lowest one.

pCloud Lifetime Pricing

pCloud Lifetime has three individual plans that provide users with cloud storage ranging from 500 GB to 10 TB, and these are:

pCloud’s lifetime pricing is worth our investment as it offers more advanced security and sync features that make your data more secure and accessible from any device.

For detailed pricing and plan information, you can visit the pCloud Lifetime page using this link.

pCloud Lifetime Features

Each pCloud lifetime plan shares common features, and these are:

  • Collaboration: It can help you share links, request files, get stats for the shared link, invite users, and customize shared links.
  • Security: uses an SSL/TLS protection channel and 256-bit AES encryption on your stored files.
  • Access and Synchronization: Syncing across multiple devices is automatic and provides selective offline access.
  • Media and Usability: has a built-in audio and video player, and unlimited file sizes can be uploaded.
  • File Management: offers a rewind account, remote upload, file versioning, and document preview options.
  • Backups from: can act as a backup platform that allows you to take copies from Facebook, Google Photos, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.

pCloud Pros and Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Highly secure and reliable
  • Easy file sharing and collaboration
  • Multi-device supported
  • Fast syncing
  • Additional charges for encryption
  • Little bit costlier

2. Icedrive – (Cheapest Lifetime Cloud Storage)

Icedrive Home

Top Highlights

  • Free Storage: 10 GB Free cloud storage on Sign up.
  • Premium Storage: Up to 10TB on Lifetime, up to 5TB on Annual Subscription.
  • Security Type: Two-fish algorithms
  • Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Pricing Range: From $299 USD (512 GB) to $1199 USD (10 TB)
  • Website:

Icedrive – Summary

Icedrive is our second pick on this list and is a bit cheaper than pCloud. It is still a newcomer in the cloud industry but comes with all the major features. It also offers 10  GB of free cloud storage on the free plan.

Like pCloud, it also offers three lifetime plans, with 10 TB available on the higher plan and 150 GB on the lower one.

Icedrive Lifetime Pricing

As compared to pCloud, Icedrive’s lifetime pricing is cheaper and more affordable. pCloud 10 TB costs $1190, while Icedrive 10 TB costs only $999.

Icedrive’s lifetime has three plans namely:

Icedrive lifetime plans are a better option for you if you’re on a tight budget, and they’re worth the cost.

More information on the Icedrive Lifetime Pricing and Plan can be found by following this link to their official website. 

Icedrive Lifetime Features

Some of the notable features of Icedrive on lifetime plans are:

  • Client-Side Encryption: offers unbreakable client-side and zero-knowledge encryption to add security to your files.
  • Massive Storage: With cloud storage, having up to 10 TB ensures that you can never run out of space.
  • Generous Bandwidth: offers a generous bandwidth that ensures that you never get interrupted.
  • Password Protection: Set a password for your shared links to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • Share Timeout: Set a time limit for your file to prevent unwanted and unauthorized uses. 
  • Upgraded Features: New features are made available at no additional cost to you.

Icedrive Pros and Cons

  • Acts like a hard drive
  • Uses 2-fish encryption
  • Cheapest lifetime cloud space provider
  • Share timeout
  • Password protection
  • Lesser collaboration tools
  • No bloc-level sync

FAQs – Best Lifetime Cloud Storage

Which is the cheapest lifetime cloud storage provider?

Icedrive is currently the cheapest lifetime cloud storage provider as compared to pCloud in the industry. At the same time, it is affordable and budget-friendly, with advanced features.

Which is our favorite lifetime cloud storage provider?

Absolutely, pCloud! When it comes to lifetime storage, we recommend pCloud because their pricing is reasonable for the features they provide. 

What does lifetime cloud storage mean?

A lifetime cloud storage plan entails paying a one-time fee to use the cloud storage for the rest of your life. No recurring or renewal fee is needed.

Can you buy cloud storage for lifetime?

Yes, you can buy cloud storage for a lifetime, and pCloud and Icedrive are the two providers on the market to meet your needs.

Which cloud storage provider is reliable?

pCloud, IceDrive, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. are the most reliable cloud storage providers in the market. You can go with anyone.

Advantages of a Lifetime Cloud Storage Provider

The lifetime cloud storage provider has a potential to save your money, and lets you avoid the recurring payments.

The majority of cloud providers are subscription-based, and they knew that once you store your personal files, you won’t delete them.

For that reason, they are not offering the lifetime plans. But pCloud and Icedrive are breaking this rule and giving high priority to the users.

Few advantages of lifetime cloud storage are:

  • Saves your money
  • One-time upfront fee only
  • No more recurring payments
  • Free upgrade features

Summary – Best Lifetime Cloud Storage Providers

Our top recommendation for cloud storage has always been the lifetime plan, as it avoids and reduces the pain of recurring payments and eliminates concern about pricing changes. 

In our list, there are only two such providers available, i.e., pCloud and Icedrive. There are many other good cloud providers, but no such plans exist.

If any new ones come on the market, we will try to share them with our readers through this post and add them to our list, considering their pricing and features.

Both the providers are good to go without any hesitations, but pCloud is our favourite as I never encountered any issues with them till now.

We hope this post on the best lifetime cloud storage helps you choose the best provider. If you use our special links given in this article, it can help you save even more on the lifetime plans.

Let me know your thoughts via the comment section and do share your experience if you’re using any one of them. Have a great day!

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