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Icedrive Black Friday Deals:
Get Up to 50% OFF on Icedrive 10 TB Lifetime Plan: Learn More!

Icedrive Black Friday deals are just approaching, and we can’t wait any longer to grab the best cloud storage deals at maximum discounts.

You can start securing your digital life this Black Friday with Icedrive’s exclusive Black Friday lifetime deals on cloud storage, which start as low as $229 USD (1TB for Lifetime).

Everyday, we used to take some beautiful pictures of family, office documents, videos, audio, and much more in our smartphone or PC and store them at a place that always runs out of space, or the device may get damaged or lost at any time, right? Don’t worry; Cloud storage is the only solution that may prevent such unexpected things.

Icedrive is currently running its Black Friday deals that can help you grab lifetime Cloud storage at a discount of up to 50%, which is just a one-time payment. Unlike other cloud providers, it does not require any further monthly or annual subscriptions.

So, let’s get started and check out the best Icedrive Black Friday deals here.

Icedrive Black Friday Deals – Details

On a normal day, Lifetime cloud storage plans from Icedrive are expensive and cost around $1499 USD for 10TB of cloud space, while the same space can be grabbed for just $749 USD during the Black Friday sale.

And Icedrive’s Black Friday deals don’t stop there; similar discounts are available on its lower cloud spaces like 3TB and 1 TB.

Here are the details with the new pricing for this Black Friday on Icedrive:

  • Name of the Cloud Provider: Icedrive
  • Type of Subscription: Lifetime Plan (One-time Payment Only)
  • Discount: Up to 50% OFF on Lifetime plans
  • Offer Start Date: Live now
  • Offer End Date: Ending Soon
  • Promo or Coupon Code: Auto-applied
  • Discount Link: Click here to grab Icedrive Black Friday Discount

Note: Icedrive’s discount sale is applicable only to its lifetime plans; you can’t get a discount on its annual or monthly plans.

The maximum discount you can get on Icedrive is up to 50% OFF on 10 TB, and similar discounts are also available on its 3 TB and 1 TB plans.

According to my recommendation, Icedrive’s 10TB Lifetime plan is the best one to store much larger file sizes and more spacious storage.

How do I get a discount on Icedrive?

Getting a discount on Icedrive during the Black Friday sale is a simple and quick process, as its user interface is not as complicated as the other providers have.

You can get it by doing the following steps:

Step 1: First, click on this special link to visit Icedrive’s official Black Friday deal page. This link automatically activates our discount coupon code.

Step 2: Now, you will be taken to the new discounted pricing page. Select the best storage plan and hit the signup button.

Icedrive Black Friday 2023 Pricing

Step 3: Now, signup using your name, email and password.

Step 4: Next, a checkout page will appear, where you will provide the necessary details for the billing process and finish the transaction.

Once done, you will receive an email from the Icedrive team with all the credentials.

That’s it. The coupon code has reduced the overall cost, and you are ready to use the cloud space with advanced features.

Icedrive Black Friday Updated Pricing and Plans

Like last year, Icedrive has announced their Black Friday deals early so that anyone can activate the deal without actually waiting for the event day.

This year, they are offering huge discounts on lifetime plans, and they have even launched a new 10 TB cloud storage plan for their much larger needs.

Here are the new and updated pricing and plans summarised in the below table:

Icedrive PlansNormal PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount Link
LITE$399$229Click to activate
PRO III$674$349Click to activate
PRO X$1499$749Click to activate

The above Icedrive plans are lifetime plans only, which means no subscription is needed to continue using their services.

Special links related to each Icedrive plan work during the Black Friday sale event and will no longer be applicable once the deal has expired. So, try your best to grab them as soon as possible.

Features of Icedrive Cloud Storage

Icedrive provides the best features that make your cloud storage more efficient and secure. Some of the features include:

In-built Media Player

Icedrive has an in-built media player, i.e., a video player and a photo viewer. You can get it with all of IceDrive’s plans. This helps you watch videos and view pictures on its web and mobile platforms without using any third-party software.

Usually, other cloud providers do not have an in-built media player. You can use the media player as a playlist to listen to music while travelling or walking.

Icedrive Applications

Icedrive applications are available for all major platforms, so their users should not face any issues accessing the files stored on their cloud platform.

They provide web-based applications and Windows applications that give you the feeling of a native drive.

Twofish Encryption

Icedrive is the only cloud storage provider that has two-factor encryption. It is a more secure solution as compared to AES/Rijndael, which is mostly used by cryptographers.

It also offers client-side encryption, which means before your file gets uploaded on their platform, it is encrypted and cannot be deciphered.

Share and Collaborate

Icedrive has a simple user interface that gives easy sharing and collaboration options to its users. You can generate easy sharing links and collaborate with your colleagues or friends easily.

You can share the links directly through the Icedrive platform, or you can also do it through email, WhatsApp, social media, etc.

You can get many more advanced features with Icedrive’s premium subscriptions. Even they give 10 GB of free storage to all the registered users with basic features.

You can try Icedrive free cloud storage plan here: Click here

FAQs: Icedrive Black Friday Sale

The most frequent questions you might get are:

What is Icedrive?

Icedrive is a cloud storage provider and one of the few in the industry that offers lifetime plans at affordable prices for customers. It is new on the market, but its features are worth trying.

When is Icedrive Black Friday sale?

Icedrive Black Friday usually starts in the last week of November and continues until the 2nd of December each year. This year’s actual data is not yet announced, but stay tuned for the official announcement.

How much of a discount is Icedrive running on its Black Friday sale?

During this special Black Friday sale event, you may get a discount of up to 50% on their lifetime plans. This is the biggest discount you can get on Icedrive.

Can I get 10TB lifetime plan with Icedrive?

Yes, you can also get 10TB of lifetime storage on Icedrive. This is the new plan added by Icedrive to beat its competitor, pCloud. So, you should look no further and try it today.

What is the best alternative to Icedrive?

The best alternative that I usually recommend to my readers is pCloud. Both pCloud and Icedrive share similar plans and features, so pCloud is also worth trying if you don’t want to go with Icedrive.

How can I save money on Icedrive?

You can save money on Icedrive by using our special offer link, which will redirect you to the official offer page and apply the coupon code automatically.

Is Icedrive safe and secure?

Privacy is the most important thing for Icedrive, so they offer the safest two-fish encryption, and it is the only cloud storage provider that has this type of security feature.

Summary: Icedrive Black Friday Deals

Icedrive is the newest cloud storage provider, but its services are really awesome and of top-notch quality.

The introduction of a lifetime plan and top-notch security features by Icedrive has managed to grab more user attention in recent days.

Their pricing model is affordable as compared to its competitors like pCloud, Internxt, etc.

At one time, paying for Icedrive’s lifetime subscription might seem costly to you. That is why this Icedrive Black Friday deal can be the most important deal for you to save some extra bucks on the original cost.

This Black Friday brings up to 50% OFF on their lifetime plans, so don’t miss out on this opportunity and start migrating your files and documents into the cloud storage.

I think this post helped you save money on Icedrive plans; if so, give it a share on your social media accounts. Happy shopping!

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