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In the cloud storage industry, pCloud is the most reputed cloud storage provider, with a user base of over 18 million. Every day, users are switching to pCloud for their storage needs.

pCloud is the safest, easiest, and most highly encrypted platform for storing your work files, photos, videos, music, documents, and much more.

So, why don’t you give it a try for free today? You can easily avail yourself of 10 GB of free cloud storage for a lifetime. If 10 GB of free storage is not enough, then pCloud premium plans are worth getting, with much more advanced security and file sharing features.

pCloud provides various premium plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Their lifetime plan is all you should get with the highest discount offers compared to their annual plans.

On this page, I am going to share some of the exclusive pCloud Coupon Codes and discounts that you may use to reduce the cost of pCloud premium plans (including lifetime and yearly plans).

So, let’s start and discuss in detail.

pCloud has Individual, family, and Business Plans. Here I will share discounts and coupon codes for the Individual and Family plans only. For Business plans, you may directly reach out to their customer support team for more details.

For pCloud’s individual plans, discounts and offers are currently available on the Annual and Lifetime subscriptions. On the other hand, pCloud’s family plans have deals on their lifetime subscriptions.

One thing you should know is that the maximum discount is available with the Lifetime plan, so I will stress more to help you buy pCloud lifetime plans with up to 37% off.

All deals and discounts are limited-time deals, so try to get them early; otherwise, they won’t be available.

pCloud Coupon Code and Discount

At this moment, there are two offers running on their premium subscriptions. The first is on their Lifetime subscription, and the second is on their Annual subscription.

pCloud Lifetime Deals and Discounts

pCloud Lifetime Subscriptions are the most popular subscription that gives you the opportunity to avail cloud storage for your whole life for just a one-time nominal subscription fee.

pCloud has three different lifetime plans: Premium 500 GB, Premium Plus 2 TB, and Custom Plan 10 TB.

pCloud Lifetime Plans

pCloud’s Premium 500 GB Lifetime plan is available at a discount of 33%, i.e., $199 USD instead of $299 USD, for one-time payment only. Claim 33% OFF on a 500 GB Plan.

pCloud’s Premium Plus 2 TB Lifetime plan is available at a discount of 33%, i.e., $399 USD instead of $599 USD, for one-time payment only. Claim 33% OFF on the 2 TB Plan.

And, pCloud’s Custom 10 TB Lifetime plan is available at a discount of 37%, i.e., $1190 USD instead of $1890 USD, for a one-time payment only. Claim 37% OFF on the 10 TB Plan.

pCloud Annual Deals and Discounts

pCloud offers a very low discount on their annual subscriptions. You can get up to 17% OFF using our exclusive links.

Annual plans require you to pay the subscription fee each year to use their cloud storage services.

pCloud’s annual plans include Premium 500GB and Premium Plus 2TB subscriptions.

Premium 500GB Annual Subscription costs $49.99 USD per year instead of $59.88 USD, i.e., at a flat 17% OFF.

Premium Plus 2TB Annual Subscription costs $99.99 USD per year instead of $119.88 USD, i.e., a flat 17% OFF.

pCloud Back to School Sale

pCloud is currently offering a huge discount during the Back to School Sale. This offer usually comes during the summer season.

If you want pCloud cloud storage at great discount, then pCloud Summer Sale or pCloud Back to School Sale is also the great option where you can save up to 85% OFF.

You can claim 85% OFF on pCloud Family Lifetime Plans – 2TB or 10TB storage for 5 users.

How to Avail pCloud Coupon Code and Discount?

Finding a coupon code or discount is always difficult, as most of the details are not available on the official website.

However, pCloud has all the details and discounts available on its website under the pricing section.

Here you can follow the below steps to get the maximum discount on pCloud storage:

Step 1: Click on my special and unique link that automatically applies all the best discounts.

Step 2: Once you click on the link, you will be taken to pCloud’s pricing page or special deal page.

Step 3: Choose the suitable lifetime plan or yearly plan, and click on the button link.

Step 4: On the secure checkout page, create a pCloud account and choose the payment method to finish the checkout process.

That’s all you have to do. The best discounts get auto-applied, and you can see the changes in the billing.

Can I get pCloud’s Premium Account for FREE?

No, pCloud premium cloud storage is not free to use. However, they offer 10 GB of free cloud storage with basic or limited features.

That’s why pCloud Coupon codes and Discounts are available so that users can get premium accounts at a discounted price.

There are several advantages to using the premium account. Some of the advantages are: advanced security features; easy collaboration; end-to-end encryption; branded shareable links; and more.

FAQs on pCloud Coupon Code and Discount

Here are some of the FAQs related to the pCloud Coupon Code and Discount:

Does pCloud offer any discounts or coupon codes?

Yes, pCloud always runs offers and discounts on special days, and regular discounts are also available at all times. You can use our special links to redeem your offers on premium plans.

What are the available payment options with pCloud?

pCloud accepts various payment options for all countries, such as MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, Discover, etc.

Which pCloud plan is available at the maximum discount?

pCloud’s maximum discounts are always on their lifetime premium plans only. You can get a maximum of 37% OFF on a 10-TB lifetime plan.

Does pCloud have a refund policy?

Yes, pCloud offers a 10-day refund policy. And this refund policy is also applicable to all discounts and offers they offer.

Can I get 10TB of cloud storage with pCloud?

Yes, pCloud has introduced the 10TB Cloud Storage Plan, which is a lifetime subscription plan, which means you pay once and enjoy 10TB of storage for your whole life.

When does pCloud offer maximum discounts?

pCloud’s maximum discounts are available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, the Christmas Sale, New Year’s, and more. On these occasions, they run huge offers and discounts for a limited time.

Conclusion: pCloud Coupon Code and Discount

A pCloud Coupon code is worth using as cloud storage services are expensive these days. People are switching to cloud storage due to its reliability, accessibility, and advanced security and sharing features.

Our exclusive links and coupon code let you save up to 37% on pCloud Lifetime plans, and these may vary occasionally.

pCloud Black Friday Deals and pCloud Christmas Deals are special days where you may save more on the premium plans.

All links and coupon codes on the page are tested, so you can try them today and get started on the premium cloud platform for your files and folders.

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